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ProPERLA Masonry Crème

Masonry Crème from ProPERLA

ProPERLA Masonry Crème is a highly water repellent wall coating which improves the energy efficiency of your home by keeping the walls dry.

When it rains the walls of your home will get wet, this decreases the thermal resistance of your walls because water acts as a thermal bridge causing heat to transfer away from the property and can result in an increase in heat loss, which will contribute to higher energy bills.


Applying ProPERLA Masonry Crème to your walls will improve the energy efficiency of your home by keeping your walls dry. When the rain comes into contact with a surface coated in Masonry Crème the water will form into droplets that will run off the surface. The Masonry Crème chemically bonds to the wall surface and penetrates up to 17mm, this creates an invisible waterproof insulation barrier and will reduce water absorption of the walls by up to 96.3%.

Warmer Home Solutions are your trusted properla masonry crème installers.

Reduce Your Bills

Our Range of Super hydrophobic coatings Reduce your energy bills and protect your home with our range of coatings suitable for a range of surfaces. Explore each coating to see the benefits they have to help you reduce your energy costs and keep your home warm. All our coatings come with a manufacturer’s guarantee for your peace of mind.


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Masonry Creme


Water Repellant

About ProPERLA Masonry Crème

What is ProPERLA Masonry Crème?

Masonry cream is an invisible waterproof coating that creates an insulation barrier that improves the thermal efficiency of your home and lowers your energy bills while offering protection for the masonry walls and cavities of your home by keeping them dry.

ProPERLA Masonry Crème is a highly water repellent wall coating which will keep the weather out and the warmth in your home, not only reducing your energy bills but also keeping the walls dry. Moisture in the walls of your home can lead to a host of problems for your home and your health. Walls that are damp act as a thermal bridge which enables the heat from inside our home to transfer to the outside twice as quickly then walls that are dry.

Masonry Crème acts as a damp proof solution, keeping your walls dry and reducing water absorption by 96.3%.

If your home is suffering from damp, then applying ProPERLA Masonry Crème to your walls will act as a damp proofing solution, preventing the walls from absorbing the water, keeping them dry while allowing air and moisture to escape. Masonry Crème is a highly breathable coating that helps prevent penetrating damp in your home, while reducing your energy bills.

How Does ProPERLA Masonry Crème Work?

When applied to your walls the masonry cream chemically bonds to the surface and will penetrate up to 17mm which creates an invisible insulation barrier. This barrier is Super hydrophobic as it repels the water, causing it to form beads, due to the water being attracted to itself rather than the surface, meaning the water will run off the surface rather than penetrate it which can lead to damp. This effect is known as the Lotus effect as it is similar to the lotus leaf where water forms droplets and wont penetrate the surface.

Surfaces covered with the ProPERLA Masonry Crème will act in the same way with water forming droplets and running off rather than being absorbed by the surface. Independent tests have shown that by applying the ProPERLA Masonry Crème, water absorption reduces by 96.3%. This meets the British standard for water vapour resistance BS EN ISO 7783:2011.

Benefits of ProPERLA Masonry Crème

The less water the walls of your house absorb the less heat is transferred away from your property and the more thermal efficient your home becomes which will lower your energy consumption and your energy bills.

By mimicking the lotus leaf and creating a super hydrophobic, self-cleaning surface, the ProPERLA Masonry Crème not only keeps your home warm and dry while offering a breathable insulation barrier for your home that will prevent damp, it also slows the ageing and breakdown of the surface of the building.


20 year manufacturer's guarantee

ProPERLA Masonry Crème comes with a 20 year manufacturer's guarantee and has been proven to perform for 25 years without any deterioration in performance or aesthetic appearance.

Trusted installers

Trusted properla masonry crème installers, keeping your home warm and helping you save money on your energy bills.Trusted properla masonry crème installers, keeping your home warm and helping you save money on your energy bills.

Water Repellent

With the unpredictable weather, this is where façade coating really comes in to play. It’s beading behaviour similar to the Lotus flower, leads to amazing water repellent properties against external hazards such as mould, rain and damp, preventing heat loss and maintaining your home’s appearance and structure.


Treated masonry remains clean and attractive as the dirt is washed away with rain water. The lack of moisture in the walls also helps to deter the growth of unsightly moss, algae or lichens.

Keep the weather out & the warmth in

Having façade coating will keep your walls dry, decreasing the thermal resistance. Water acts as a thermal bridge causing heat to transfer away from the property, applying Masonry Crème to your walls will make your home not only warmer but more energy efficient, reducing your energy consumption and energy bills.


Properla Masonry Crème does not restrict the ability of your home to breathe and has little effect on air and moisture finding a way out. It prevents damp in your property and acts as a damp proofing solution.


Properla products are breathable, preventing damp issues and provide values of insulation recognised by the energy saving trust. Masonry Crème Coatings keeps your walls dry and prevents the decay of building materials, the lack of moisture in the walls helps to deter the growth of moss, algae and lichens. The product also prevents structural damage caused by sulphate attack. This is all backed with a 20 year manufacturer’s guarantee giving you peace of mind. When tested under 25 years accelerated weathering conditions there was no deterioration in performance or aesthetic appearance.

Prevents Damp

Masonry Crème is a highly breathable coating that allows air and moisture to escape, it prevents penetrating damp in your home. This makes the product a great damp proof solution if you are suffering with damp in your home.

Flexible Payment Options Available To You

At Warmer home Solutions we understand that some customers may want to spread the cost of improving the energy efficiency of their home to help reduce their energy bills. That’s why we work with a trusted company that enables us to offer you flexible finance options, so that you can make the vital energy saving improvements to your home that will make your home more energy efficient.

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I would like to give Five stars for their service. The service is very really good. The guys turned up early in the morning and finished their job at a very high level an standard. Their manager is really good at communicating, very patient and polite. They even visit our house three times to check everything is ready. They are also very happy to come more times until you are 100% satisfied with their job. We will definitely give them more jobs for other insulation if our budget is ready. Really appreciated for their good Team and good work!!!

Rob and Charlie have just done our loft insulation. They were both very polite and left the place spotless! Very happy to turn the heating down straight away as we can feel the effects already. Thanks for coming out on your birthday Rob ! Happy New Year to you all. Thanks so much.

Used this company for loft insulation spray foam. The Installers turned up on time and did a very clean tidy job of the insulation, covering all areas and reaching the hard to get to areas too, such as the tiny eaves. They cleaned up everything after them and left the place looking very tidy. Really pleased with the work that was carried out, and I can already feel that the loft is so much more warmer than before.

The service was transparent and honest from the very start. The guys turned up 1h before, it took a couple of hours to complete the job and another few minutes to clean up. They were polite, respectful with the property and friendly at all times.

We had an excellent experience using Warmer homes solutions. The service was quick and easy and the guys turned up early. They were really good at communicating what they were going to do & the checks that we had to make to sign off the loft insulation. The job itself was perfect - the effects have been felt already one day later. They cleaned up after the job and it was an all round excellent service. I would recommend them if you want to get your loft insulated!

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