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PIV Unit

About PIV Units

What is Positive Input Ventilation?

PIV is a highly effective cure for condensation dampness and its associated problems within residential properties. It pushes harmful air out of the home and replaces it with fresh, filtered air.

Invented in 1972, the technology is now installed in over a million homes. It’s tried, tested, and trusted.

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What our customers say

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I can assure you that they do work and in my case work very very well. No mildew / no running condensation on windows etc etc My problems started when we installed UPVC double glazing in the 1910 detached house.... sealed up all the draughts but also sealed in all the moisture and started to get problems with mildew on walls and in wardrobes.

Mine has been installed for over 10 years now and is absolutely brilliant.

I have installed one of these in my house and one in a friend's house.

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